End of the Journey

Hello dear followers, workers and travelers. Christmas is knocking on our doors but before that we have finals approaching… I cannot believe how fast time flies and that the semester is almost over. I am writing this post as a summary of what I have done and what I have learned during these three months in my Multimedia Journalism Class.

So… let me start from the very first week. I remember I had some difficulties in finding a topic for my blog that I would enjoy writing about and in the same time one that would be interesting and helpful for the readers. As I really enjoy sports, first thing that came up into my mind is making a blog on the sports topic but then I decided that it would not reach that wide audience since everybody has different hobbies. But here, at the American University in Bulgaria, most of the students go on a Work and Travel in the States during the summer, and I thought it would be useful to write something connected to it.

Here in my About Section you can read a brief explanation about the topic of the blog, plus you can hear my very first trial of SoundCloud of me explaining more about the blog topic. I remember we had a lot of fun with the people who I worked with for the sound bite but at the end it appeared not bad for a first time, did  it? 😀

My very first Work and Travel story was the one of Ivan Hristov who witnessed gun shooting and was left without job and housing. However, the story has its happy end and if you have not read it yet, I highly recommend you to do so.

 My second blog post was about Anna Bashuk’s summer. I remember that for this post I was already feeling much more comfortable using my recording device and editing the sound bite interview.

The third story was the one of Vera Daskalova, an adventurous, smiling and positive person, who enjoyed her WAT summer and even found time for working out and for relaxing. I took some cool photos of the things Vera bought in the States, so if you have not check them out yet, you are more than welcome to see them in my first slideshow.

For the next story I interviewed and made a five shot video of Mario Grachenov who spent two consecutive summers in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Ardi Lappi was my interviewee for the next blog post. Though he was working really hard during the summer (he was making over 100 working hours per week), he still enjoyed his summer.

For my midterm blog post I interviewed Sezen Hodzha to share her opinion on the promotions that the Work and Travel agencies are giving. With this blog post I discovered that I really enjoy doing news packages.

During the fall break I was at home and I decided to interview my brother, Stefan Donchev. I thought it would be interesting for my readers to see the story of someone who is not studying at AUBG and it appeared that I got the most facebook likes exactly on this post!

After the fall break I interviewed Yordan Karayankov to share his WAT experience. For the blog post I did a Storify connected to the topic of the post plus a video in which I asked random people about the place in the States which they would like to visit most!

Plamena Matanova was my next blog guest. She shared her WAT summer which she spend in Put in Bay, Ohio, a destination that is not really popular among AUBG students, therefore I thought it would be interesting for the readers to see what is it to spend a summer in such a place. In the post I included a Storify [again (I really enjoy working with it and I find it pretty useful)] with the places where my blog guests worked during the summer.

My last interviewee was Denitsa Pashava who spent two summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I thought that a blog about Work and Travel without a post about the popular P-town would be uncompleted, therefore I decided to finish with the story coming from there.

I found the answer to the question that I posed in my blog- WAT was your summer. Each story possessed different points of view of people who went on a Work and Travel in different parts of the USA. But all of my guests shared their own unique stories. Some of the summers were full of emotions, some were just work, work, work, others- adventurous and full of travels…

During the journey in my Multimedia Journalism class I learned a lot of things. Firstly, I became more comfortable interviewing people, which is a crucial part of a journalism profession. Secondly, I learned how to shoot and edit my own videos, how to record and edit audios, how to work with useful applications such as Storify and Thinglink. Moreover, I understood that social media plays a huge role if we want to reach a wide audience. At the beginning of the semester I found tweeting kind of boring, I must confess, but then after discovering how useful it might be I started to enjoy it and gained much more Twitter followers during the second part of the semester, where I was much more active on Twitter. Last but not least, this class thought me how important deadlines are. Overall, I may honestly say that this is one of the most useful classes I have taken so far, since it gave me knowledge and base that I can develop in my future, unlike some other classes for which you just read, read, read and then after the semester is gone you forget everything.

And since I interviewed so many people about their summers, I think it is high time to see me talking about my summer. I tried WAT twice- first time I wen to Wildwood, NJ, the second time to Nantucket, MA. Though both of the years I felt stressed and really mentally exhausted from time to time, I do not regret going since now I have only the good memories left and the friendships I made.

Here you can see a slideshow with pictures of me during my Work and Travel summers:

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Sooo… With mixed feelings I announce that this would probably be my last post. I am giving the opportunity to someone who will take the course next semester to develop the topic and I would be glad to read his/her posts.

Dear followers, workers and travelers, THANK YOU for being with me during my Multimedia Class journey! And huuuuge THANK YOU to all the people who were willing to share their stories! It was a pleasure for me to write all of the posts!

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