On the Top of the World

Hi dear followers, workers and travelers!  Today we will head to a destination which is not popular among AUBG students for Work and Travel in the States. My blog guest is Plamena Matanova, a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and she spent her first WAT summer in Put in Bay, Ohio. In the lines below you will find out WAT was Plamena’s summer!


The Brooklyn Bridge, NYC (Personal Archive)

The Brooklyn Bridge, NYC (Personal Archive)


With the Statue Of Liberty (Personal Archive)

Plamena decided to try Work and Travel not only to earn some money but to prove herself she can do it! She had only one job- as a cashier at “Mama Maria’s Pizza”, but she got enough hours. On her days off (which actually were only two whole days off during the whole season), Plamena went to “explore” the shops on the main island :).

Plamena made some valuable friendships with the people she was living with during her staying- three Ukrainian girls and a Bulgarian boy.

What was her worst memory during the summer?- Well, she did not had a particular answer to the question but she explained:

“I did not like the  Saturdays. I hated them because I had to work for 17 hours. Moreover, at night time mostly drunk people were coming to eat, so I had to be very patient and smiling, holding my anger inside because of the mess they were making! “

Plamena did a little trip before coming back to Bulgaria- she traveled to Baltimore… and New York City, which was one of her dreams! Being on the 86th floor in the Empire State Building  was her best memory during the whole summer! :
                                                   “I felt like I am on the top of the world.”

"On the Top of the World"(Personal Archive")

“On the Top of the World”(Personal Archive”)

My interviewee explained that she is willing to return to Put in Bay next year but most probably she will try to find another job, since now she already has experience and knows the best paid jobs on the island. A major reason for her to go to the States again is because she wants to travel more.

Plamena shared with little disappointment that she gained 5 kilograms but I can assure you she looks even better having them on 🙂

At the end, Plamena gave her advice to those wondering whether to try Work and Travel:

“I recommend WAT to every student. The work part gives a great opportunity to get to know yourself better and parallel with that to earn money. The travel part gives a chance to visit the places that you have been always dreaming to see.”

Before saying you good bye until my next post, here is a link to a storify summarizing the places where my guests spent their WAT summers:

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  1. lbstoykov · November 17, 2014

    Nice post :p

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  2. sabip94 · November 21, 2014

    great person, great summer, great story 🙂

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  3. annabashuk · November 23, 2014

    great story and interesting WAT destination!

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  4. melodygilbert01 · December 16, 2014

    Good for her, going alone to a small town in Ohio to prove she could do it. Awesome!

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