Five Jobs, Why Not?!

Hey, hey, dear followers, workers and travelers! What would be a blog about Work and Travel without mentioning Provincetown, MA?!

My blog guest today is Denitsa Pashova, a junior majoring in Business Administration and European Studies.

Deni a

Denitsa at Work (Personal Archive)

This summer Deni (as her friends call her) went for a second time to experience the Work and Travel adventure in Provincetown. She spent there three months.

Deni had five jobs! She was a server at “Twisted Pizza”, a cashier at “Puzzle me this” store, a busser at “Tiny’s” restaurant, and on the Saturdays she was a housekeeper. Moreover, on Sundays she was a yoga instructor at “Strength and Clarity” Studio.(Yes, she is a teaching yoga here, at AUBG). Busy schedule, isn’t it?! Not surprisingly, my interviewee was more than satisfied of the working hours she got.

“Most of the time I enjoyed working in the store because it did not require so much movement and sometimes I had time to “relax” in front of the register and talk to other employees.”

Deni also enjoyed working at the restaurant because her co-workers and her boss “were pretty amusing people” and they had a lot of fun while working.


Evening Off (Personal Archive)


Having a whole day off while working five jobs is just a mirage… however, Deni did have some evenings off which she used to spend hanging out with her friends.

“When accidentally I had a day off I liked going to TJ Max Mall or watching movies at home. “

Deni shared that the main reason she went on a Work and Travel was to earn money for her tuition. But this did not stop her to enjoy her summer! Her best memories were the Gay Parade she watched on the streets in the end of August and the time she went Whale Watching.


The Parade (Personal Archive)


As for bad memories, Deni does not remember to have a particular one, but she shared she was feeling really bad when one day her boss yelled at her for something small.

“This summer I made more American friends in comparison to the last year when I hanged out only with AUBG-ers. “

Now, enough about work for a while… Denitsa did a short travel to Boston this year and last year she went to New York City. She could not pick which city she loved more, since they both have “their own beauties and are at the same time so similar and so different”.

Deni is willing to go back to the States next year as well. She strongly recommends Work and Travel, though not denying its drawbacks such as doing “cheap manual labor instead of an internship”

“However, all considered, you travel, you make friends, and ultimately (if you manage to endure all the workload and stress till the end) you become a STRONGER person.I would recommend Provincetown as a destination, it is just… a special place!

Here is a storify about Provincetown that you may find interesting to see:


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On the Top of the World

Hi dear followers, workers and travelers!  Today we will head to a destination which is not popular among AUBG students for Work and Travel in the States. My blog guest is Plamena Matanova, a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and she spent her first WAT summer in Put in Bay, Ohio. In the lines below you will find out WAT was Plamena’s summer!


The Brooklyn Bridge, NYC (Personal Archive)

The Brooklyn Bridge, NYC (Personal Archive)


With the Statue Of Liberty (Personal Archive)

Plamena decided to try Work and Travel not only to earn some money but to prove herself she can do it! She had only one job- as a cashier at “Mama Maria’s Pizza”, but she got enough hours. On her days off (which actually were only two whole days off during the whole season), Plamena went to “explore” the shops on the main island :).

Plamena made some valuable friendships with the people she was living with during her staying- three Ukrainian girls and a Bulgarian boy.

What was her worst memory during the summer?- Well, she did not had a particular answer to the question but she explained:

“I did not like the  Saturdays. I hated them because I had to work for 17 hours. Moreover, at night time mostly drunk people were coming to eat, so I had to be very patient and smiling, holding my anger inside because of the mess they were making! “

Plamena did a little trip before coming back to Bulgaria- she traveled to Baltimore… and New York City, which was one of her dreams! Being on the 86th floor in the Empire State Building  was her best memory during the whole summer! :
                                                   “I felt like I am on the top of the world.”

"On the Top of the World"(Personal Archive")

“On the Top of the World”(Personal Archive”)

My interviewee explained that she is willing to return to Put in Bay next year but most probably she will try to find another job, since now she already has experience and knows the best paid jobs on the island. A major reason for her to go to the States again is because she wants to travel more.

Plamena shared with little disappointment that she gained 5 kilograms but I can assure you she looks even better having them on 🙂

At the end, Plamena gave her advice to those wondering whether to try Work and Travel:

“I recommend WAT to every student. The work part gives a great opportunity to get to know yourself better and parallel with that to earn money. The travel part gives a chance to visit the places that you have been always dreaming to see.”

Before saying you good bye until my next post, here is a link to a storify summarizing the places where my guests spent their WAT summers:

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Discovering Storify and Thinkglink

Hi, dear followers! Today in my Multimedia Journalism Class we started to use Storify. It is a social network service allowing people create stories on their timelines in different social media. My first Sotirify is about places in the US that many Work and Travel students visit. Here is a picture of the way it looks like :


Here you can see my whole Storify story.

The second part of the class we learned how to work with Thinglink. It allows you to make pictures more interactive and engage your audience by adding links to the photos that the viewers can check.
thinglinsssk Here you can check out my first Thinglink.

Using the tools we learned in class today I would be able to make my future posts more eye-catchy and interactive!

Something That Not Everyone Can Buy

Hey, hey, dear followers, workers and travelers!

My guest today is Yordan Karayankov, a junior majoring in Business Administration and Economics.

Karayankov in New York Cit (Personal Archive)

Karayankov in New York Cit (Personal Archive)

This summer he spent more than three months working in the States. He went to Brewster, Massachusetts, which is on the well-known Cape Cod.

Karayankov’s job was to arrange the interior of conference halls for weddings, seminars and other events for the biggest resort on the Cape- Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club. It was busy during May and June, and since the work involved a lot of physical strength, it was exhausting, as well. However, after June the business got slow and Karayankov’s managers transferred him to work as a bus guy for the resort’s restaurant- Ocean Terrace. For my interviewee, this job was far more satisfying not only because it was less tiring and in the same time paid better, but also because his coworkers there were really nice .Karayankov found a second job at another restaurant- bus guy again. There, he was surrounded only by Americans – “It gave me the opportunity to experience more of the American culture”, my guest shared. Nevertheless, he enjoyed his job at the terrace more since most of his coworkers were his age and were from the Balkans.

On the days off Karayankov enjoyed going to the beach or cycling to nearby towns with friends. Karayankov created many new friendships in the States. Most of the people he spent time with study at AUBG and he is still keeping in touch with them.

My guest shared that his worst memory was right after finishing his first working day:

“I got lost and couldn’t find my way to the house I was staying in. It was late and dark. There was nobody who I could ask for directions. It rained cats and dogs…”

Karayankov did not travel a lot but his best moments during the summer were connected to his trips:

“I went to Boston to visit my sister. During the last week in the states I went to New York City with her and we stayed there for four days – it was an unforgettable experience. I wish I had more time to visit some other places like Miami or the West Coast, but oh well… next time.”


Karayankov with the Statue of Liberty (Personal Archive)

Karayankov with the Statue of Liberty (Personal Archive)

Karayankov shared that his major reason to try Work and Travel is to earn some money for his tuition. But this also gave him an opportunity to see his older sister who lives in Massachusetts.

Here you can hear Karayankov giving advice to students who are willing to try WAT:

Though Karayankov did not regret going to the States, he is planning to do an internship that will help him with his studies and not to go to the States this year. However, he is recommending to everyone to try WAT at least once, since it gives people experience which they could not get anywhere else.

At the end of my interview, I asked my guest about his favorite thing which he bought in the States. Well, I will just quote his words, so you can make your own conclusions and thoughts:

“I didn’t buy many things. However, I would say the best things I “bought” were the photos of all the memories I created during my stay. It’s certainly something that not everyone can buy.”


Here is a link to the Storify summarizing the summer of Karayankov :

At the very end of the post, I would like to upload a video with people sharing the places they would like to visit in the States:


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