WAT of a Non-AUBG-er

Hallo dear followers ,workers, travelers, and fall breakers!

The break is almost over but I am here with a fast post. Being home for a week, I decided to interviewed my brother, Stefan Donchev, about his Work and Travel experience during the summer of 2013. He is almost 24 now and he already got a Bachelor degree in Finance from the Economy University in Varna.

Stefan in Central Park, New York City (Personal Archive)

Stefan in Central Park, New York City (Personal Archive)

During the summer of 2013 he went on a Work and Travel program in Wildwood, New Jersey. The issues started from the beginning: Firstly, he and one of his best friends were supposed to go to another place however, on the job fair they attended in March 2013 they were told there are no more working places. Therefore, they chose Wildwood, a town my brother’s friend had already visited the summer before. I was also happy that they were going in Wildwood, since I was going there as well ( my first WAT experience). Everything was ok until my brother’s friend did not get a visa and my brother was supposed to travel alone. He was quite disappointed about the fact and almost on the edge of giving up to go in the States… but he did.

When I asked my brother to tell me in short about his work experience he started like that:

“Well, you know well that I had some issues changing and finding jobs. However, I did not give up and finally I succeeded”

My brother quitted his first job since he did not like it at all and he had some troubles with the sponsor agency, but he managed to find another contract and dealt with the situation. Before that, however, he switched quite a few jobs:

“At the beginning I changed my jobs since I did not like them- the place, the people, the conditions. I could not imagine working there for the whole summer. It is not only about money, therefore I decided to search until I find something which suits me.”

My brother and his roomates having a night off. (Personal Archive)

My brother and his roomates having a night off. (Personal Archive)

And he did – finally, he was working as a bus boy and a beach taxi driver, making around 80-90 working hours per week.

“I actually enjoyed being a bus guy, since my co-workers (mostly Bulgarians ) were really nice and we had fun while working. Driving this beach taxi was quite exhausting because I was constantly exposed to the sun and when the weather was bad my boss used to send me home, which sometimes I didn’t like, but there was nothing I can do.”

As for Wildwood, my brother liked it becasue it is a small town and many students go there to work. Still, it is a crazy place- night life, graduating seniors, a long Boardwalk full of people. However, if you really want to make money, be aware that New Jersey is not a place famous for its high salaries.

My brother shared that his worst moments in the States were connected to the period while he was dealing with the sponsor agency (since they were threatening to terminate him). The best moments for him were the trips he made: several times to Atlantic City, NJ (thank you for patience while shopping with me, bro :D) and a final three-day staying in New York City.

Me, one of our roommates and my brother (Personal Archive)

Me, one of our roommates and my brother (Personal Archive)

“My dream was to visit New York  City and although I did not have the best summer in my life, the moment my feet stepped in New York I felt so excited and happy that I thought every struggle I faced was worth it.”

In the Metropolian Museum of Art, New York City (Personal Archive)

In the Metropolian Museum of Art, New York City (Personal Archive)

Comming back to the summer of 2013, my brother does not regret trying the WAT experience. On the contrary- now he remembers only the good moments and the friendships he made.

“I recommend going on WAT at least once beacuse you mature and get stronger in a psychological way.”


  1. melodygilbert01 · November 13, 2014

    I’m glad your brother got his NYC dream! WAT jobs are not always easy, but it sounds like he made the best of it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sabip94 · December 7, 2014

    Bad moments are always followed by something great! :)) Love the pics 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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