WAT? Promotions?

Hallo dear followers! Today we have an assignment to shoot a video and write a blog post about some news regarding the topic of our blog. Well, there are no recent news around Work and Travel programs, since most of them appear when the Job Fairs start. However, I found a topic that is relevant to the subject and it is about the promotions which the WAT agencies are offering.

There are many Work and Travel agencies in Blagoevgrad that students from the American University in Bulgaria can choose. Each of them is offering promotions like : “Apply by the end of October to get the lowest price”. Then, when the promotion is over, a new one appears: “Apply by the end of November to get the lowest price”. 

I interviewed Sezen Hodzha, a sophomore at AUBG to share her opinion about the ongoing promotions and about the agencies:

“If you are not sure that you really want to go, better make up you mind and do not rush. Make sure that this is really what you want.”

Sezi (as her friends call her) was quite skeptical about these promotions. She shared that she applied for WAT in January, 2014 and she still got the same price that one of her friends paid, the difference- her friend applied in October. What Sezi recommends to the students is to go in the agencies’ offices and see the staff. She says, since the prices of all the agencies are almost the same, it is better to pick the one which staff the students find helpful and nice.

“Instead of looking through the prices, better see the agencies’ employees, since they are the one to help you through the your summer adventure.”

Here is my news package about the story:


And not run away from the traditions of my blog, here you can hear Sezi sharing her best memory during her Work and Travel summer, which she spent working in Provincetown, Massachusetts:

Sezi looking through the agencies’ leaflets:

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