Work Hard, Enjoy Your Summer

Hallo, dear followers, workers and travelers! From Nantucket, Massatchusets, we are taking hte fast ferry straight to another island in the same state- Martha’s Vineyard.

My guest today is Ardi Llapi. He is from Albania, and he is a junior at the American University in Bulgaria, studying Business Administration.


Ardi in New York (Personal Archive from 2013)

Ardi went to the same place for a second consecutive year. This time he spent three and a half months in the States. Ardi’s first job was at a cheese and charcuterie store, in the customer service section. His second one he found in a restaurant where he was working as a line cook, doing appetizers. When I asked Ardi which job did he enjoyed more and why, without thinking too long he answered that he preferred the second one simply because he really enjoys cooking! [Attention, ladies! 🙂 ]

Ardi said that he returned to Martha’s Vineyard because he wanted to experience the same things he did last summer. Here you can hear him comparing summer 2013 to summer 2014:


Ardi at Work (Personal Archive)

Ardi shared that he had a lot of friends there- Martha’s is full of AUBG students during the summer, plus, he made a lot of friends there.

“Sadly, I didn’t have so much time to hang out, though.”

Ardi did not make a trip in the States since he had plans to travel during this fall break.

Ardi’s typical days off (although not so many) consisted primarily of taking rest. However, when he had time he enjoyed jet skiing with friends.His best memory was connected to one night when he and his friends went to the beach, where they had a good time, letting the steam off from so much work. As for a worst memory- Ardi did not have a particular one during this summer but he shared that he remembers when once he was late for work with one hour and his boss yelled at him. He was really upset about it, after all- we are all human beings and things like that happen.

When I asked him whether he recommends the Work and Travel program to other students, Ardi answered:

“Yes I would recommend it to everyone because you learn so many new things. You learn how to survive by yourself.”

At the end of our interview, Ardi shared some thoughts about his experience in the States:

“What I learned this summer is that nothing is impossible. I was working 105 hours per week because I had three jobs. I had my own motivation. It was hard because I didn’t get enough sleep during the summer but I made it. I achieved my goal and I am  proud of myself.”

He shared that he would like to go back to his favorite island next summer as well since, despite of the hard work, he managed to enjoy his summer!

A little bit off topic but here you can see Ardi studying Bulgarian language, since he thinks it is important to know the native language of the country you are living in. (And by the way, the watch which he is wearing is his favorite thing that he bought in the States this summer)

As you can see, dear readers, if you are willing to work during the summer- you can do over a hundred working hours per week and still enjoy your time! But before taking this cardinal decision, keep reading my blog posts for other Work and Travel stories.

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  1. jvh140 · October 14, 2014

    105 hours a week!!!! Such a hard worker!


  2. szhivkov · October 14, 2014

    Wow, 105 hours. How does that even work?!


    • aubgWAT · October 14, 2014

      tons of coffee, i guess 😀 But it is possible (I am saying this from my own experience, though I did not reach 105 hours)


  3. melodygilbert01 · November 13, 2014

    Whoa…105 hours a week….that must be a record!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sabip94 · December 7, 2014

    Hard worker! Great story! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. melodygilbert01 · December 16, 2014

    Video is private,fyi


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