One Work and Travel Summer at a Top Level

Hallo dear followers, workers, and travelers!

This week’s post will send you to one of the most desired Work and Travel destinations among students from the American University in Bulgaria. It’s an Island in the state of Massachusetts, also known as the “far away land”… it is Nantucket!

Well, after revealing the place it is time to mention who is going to share his summer experience on the island. He is a well-known figure at university. He is the President of the Student Government, or simply said- he is Mario Grachenov. Mario is an active member of a few clubs on and off campus and I am pretty sure that every student knows him- if not personally, at least by his appearance.


Mario (Personal Archive)

But let’s start with Mario’s summer story- something that not everyone knows, but I guess many of you are willing to read about. Mario went on the same place as last year- Nantucket (as I already mentioned). This summer he stayed there for ten weeks. When I asked Mario why did he returned to the island he explained that way:

“I just felt in love with that place and promised to myself that  I’ll be back and probably my best memory during this summer was the moment when I was in Hyannis and bought the ferry ticket to Nantucket. I just felt so happy that after one year I’m back to that place.”

Mr. President (as I like to call him) was working at the bar and sometimes serving food and cocktails at a fine-dining restaurant. He shared that the place was one of the busiest on the island. He did not have another job but sometimes he was helping in a window cleaning company which was ran by a Bulgarian living on the island year-round.

“I know him from the time when he was still living in Bulgaria and playing soccer with me in one and the same team. So sometimes he was pretty busy and he needed some help and as a person who he could trust he was calling me for that.”

Mario’s typical working day started at 5pm and usually lasted no more than five or six hours! He was working around 35-40 hours per week and “in extremely cases around 50” (surprise, surprise: work and travel does not always mean working the whole day all summer long and then if you are not so exhausted traveling a few days before coming back to college…). What Mario loved about his job is that after the working day he and his co-workers used to gather together for some dinks and nice chats. He also loved the time spent helping the window-cleaning company. His co-workers there were mainly Bulgarian guys and you can make your own conclusions about the fun they were having while cleaning.

His free time (which was more than enough for a program like Work and Travel) Mario spend exploring the beauty of the island. He enjoyed fishing, water-skiing, surfing, and many other beach related activities. Of course, needless to say he went partying when he had the mood and Nantucket is offering a lot of clubs where one can chill and have fun after a tough working day…week…month.


Mario Ejnoying His Free Time (Persnal Active)

When I asked him about his worst memory during this summer, Mario spent some time thinking but he could not find any moment that left in his mind bad memories :

“I enjoyed the summer at a top level. All the memories I have right now are only good ones.”

As for the travelling part of Mario’s summer, I may say that he did a great job! He visited Boston, Connecticut, Texas, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Provincetown and Martha’s Vineyard.

Welcome to Las Vegas (Personal Archive)

Welcome to Las Vegas (Personal Archive)

“However, none of these can be compared to Nantucket- there is just an unique spirit and atmosphere which you can’t find anywhere else.”

What were the best things Mario bought? He just said:

“They weren’t anything material, they were the trips I did around the states and the things I saw in each of the cities I visited.”

Mr Grachenov shared he cannot wait for the summer of 2015 because he wants to go back to Nantucket again, see his friends, have fun and do his yearly trip around the States!

Mario is recommending the Work and Travel program to all students. According to him it is an opportunity not only to earn money, but also to meet new people, cultures, traditions and to travel.

iIn this short video you can check out three of the things that Mario missed in the States :
1. Eating his favorite chicken bites 2. Watching TV 3.Arranging meetings via social media




Me and Mario Having Fun in Nantucket                                              (Personal Archive)

Before saying goodbye until the next week I would like to spend some space in my blog post to say a hugeTHANK YOU to Mario! I was also in Nantucket this summer and I can honestly say that he was part of many of my good memories there. Good moments cannot be bought- you live them and then the only think you have left is the feeling and the smile you have when you think of them!

See you next week with another Work and Travel story!
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  1. melodygilbert01 · October 7, 2014

    I don’t know any AUBG students who worked so few hours during their WAT experience and also go to travel as much as he did. Lucky Mario! But I do love that he sometimes worked with a window cleaning company run a Bulgarian living on the island- that’s true Bulgarian brotherhood! Anyway, thanks for the WAT stories. Love the video, too (of course Mario missed his chicken bites!). Keep up the good work 🙂


    • aubgWAT · October 7, 2014

      Thanks! Mario reallly did have a great summer, not a surprise that he wants to go back! 🙂


  2. cjd110 · October 7, 2014

    Gotta hand it to Mario knows how to have a good time 🙂


  3. esraarnaudova · October 7, 2014

    I agree with Christopher 😀


  4. tsvetynana · October 10, 2014

    Ahh, now that’s how you arrange your summer – working not too long, but enough to earn money to travel around and enjoy everything that the country has to offer 🙂


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